Custom Genos Files now available

As always, we manually adjust the format extension and don't let our midifiles simply run through a converter. In new adaptations the Genos is present, Tyros5, Tyros4 and the Korg-Pa series are preserved. The Tyros3 has disappeared.

Long file names can cause problems

Our customers report an issue from time to time that sometimes songs are not visible especially on Yamaha devices after downloading them. This is not an error, but a peculiarity of the device.

New product group in January: ProV-Midifiles

As a novelty in 2016, we begin to integrate arranged vocalist tracks into our Midifiles. The arranged vocalist track is integrated in all available Midi formats in channel 16. This also applies for the formats GM, GS and XG.

BugFix: Demos of Pro-Midifiles contain stuck notes

It may happen that the demos of Pro-Midifiles contain stuck notes. We will replace the demo files in a timely manner. We can assure that the stuck notes are not included in the purchase versions of the Midifiles. UPDATE 07.12.: Demos are all updated...

Premium-Midis become Pro-Midifiles

As we don't have any Midifiles left in the catalog, which are present only in the GM format, we only differ even if there are extensions for Korg and Yamaha (Pro), or not.

Little error within the demo files

There may occur wrong sound assignments or channel setups with our demos of the Pro-Midifiles. We have identified the problem and will replace the demos within the next 48 hours.