Custom Genos Files now available

The first batch of Genos customizations is online. Other important titles will be released before Christmas. As always, we manually adjust the format extension and don't let our midifiles simply run through a converter.

Feliz Carnaval Promotion #1: X-MAS

Our first of 4 actions is online until 08.12.2017. During this period, there is a 50% discount for many Christmas Midifiles from our repertoire.

Want some summer in winter?

After Luis Fonsi landed THE summer hit 2017 with Despacito, here comes the next strike. You just have to move, it's getting hot.

Postal delivery of Midifiles on USB stick

After analyzing the situation since the removal of delivery from Midifiles on floppy disks, we have now integrated the delivery on a USB stick into the normal ordering process.

Summer-Hits 2017

It's getting hot! We have created a new editorial list with the current summer hits, which is constantly updated. At the beginning of next season, we will refill the list.

Article updates

Since we have been revising our stock for a few years now, there is certainly also one or other title from your purchases, which is affected. You can easily download them again in the personal area.

X-MAS Countdown 2016

Only 1 month to Christmas! Save 50% on Christmas songs! Only on 24.11.2016 and only at our online shop.

Long file names can cause problems

Our customers report an issue from time to time that sometimes songs are not visible especially on Yamaha devices after downloading them. This is not an error, but a peculiarity of the device.