Feliz Carnaval Promotion #1: X-MAS

Our first of 4 actions is online until 08.12.2017. During this period, there is a 50% discount for many Christmas Midifiles from our repertoire.

X-MAS Countdown 2016

Only 1 month to Christmas! Save 50% on Christmas songs! Only on 24.11.2016 and only at our online shop.

Euro 2016 Discounts

This tournament is over for the German national team, so there are no further Euro 2016 discounts this year. But the next tournament will come for sure...

Soccer Fever Time!

We have that! And that's why we will organize some discount campains during the main round of the tournament in France. Well, it will depend a bit on the National German Soccer Team, the same way we did it in 2014 on the world cup...

Prost, soon we celebrate birthday!

Another year is over: On 04.01.2016 we celebrate our birthday. Take part, as on this day there is 50% discount on every purchase via download.