Small renovation

The article lists are overhauled. Text formatting is easier to decode, the available formats are directly visible and the midi demos are played directly (as MP3).

BugFix: Demos of Pro-Midifiles contain stuck notes

It may happen that the demos of Pro-Midifiles contain stuck notes. We will replace the demo files in a timely manner. We can assure that the stuck notes are not included in the purchase versions of the Midifiles. UPDATE 07.12.: Demos are all updated...

Little error within the demo files

There may occur wrong sound assignments or channel setups with our demos of the Pro-Midifiles. We have identified the problem and will replace the demos within the next 48 hours.

Midi demos now available in all formats

The demos are now playable in all available formats. Remember, though, that your target device should be connected to the computer. Otherwise you will not hear what you are used to from your device.