While downloading a title an error occurred. The file was not downloaded. What can I do?

It is no problem if an error occurs during the download after the payment process or maybe if you can find titles you have already purchased. In case of an error we have several safety mechanisms in our online shop to avoid the loss of payments and orders.

If titles have already been paid, they can be downloaded again by putting them again in the shopping cart. Our cashiers system will check the purchase and marks already paid titles with "free" or provides a "Service Account" deposit for this purchase.

Please follow the procedure:


  1. Log into our online shop
  2. Please check first if you have a deposit on your „Service Account". With this deposit you can pay missing titles.
  3. Click on „My titles". Select the date on which the error occurred. If there is an entry, put all titles in the shopping cart (these are titles which you can download free of charge).
  4. Complete the shopping cart (in case of a deposit) by adding missing titles.
  5. Make a regular purchase. (During the purchase the free of charge articles are accounted with the deposit)


You can either put the title in the shopping cart again or proceed as above.

Already purchased titles can be downloaded again with no charge!