What should be considered regarding the lyrics?

Articles marked with TXT or LYRICS are automatically equipped with free additional song texts as a text file (TXT) or as interated Lyric-Events (LYRICS). GEERDES media does not take over guarantee that the provided content is correct. Incorrect files may be reported.

Lyrics (real-time song lyrics = Karaoke)

Titles marked with LYRICS contain song texts that can be shown on displays (e.g. keyboard displays etc.). There is no official standard for the display of the text and may therefore be problematic in specific cases.

Good to know

  • The texts are saved in ASCII format. Since this format uses older encoding some characters are displayed differently. To be able to change this, one can use the WordPad Software (START->Programs->Accessories) and open the texts as “MS-DOS text” (the special characters are now displayed correctly). The file now can be saved again as a “text file”.
  • Texts may be printed out 4 times.
  • Texts can be acquired only together with the corresponding MIDIfile.
  • GEERDES media e.K takes over the licensing resulting for texts to the text publishing houses and accounts them with the VG Musikedition.
  • Keyboards and arranger from common manufacturers are often only able to display a lyric if the MIDIfile has the MF-0 format. If a MIDIfile should contain lyrics one need to think about choosing MF-0 as it is the better choice for that feature.