What is the difference between Pro-Midifiles and Midifiles?

XF & Tyros

Since December 2007 we have additional sound-formats: XF files and files for Tyros 1 & 2. These files are processed by hand outgoing from our 'normal' Midifiles. On every new release of a new Tyros-format, we will provide the 3 newest versions. E.g.: Since December 1st 2010 we produce XT4 files (Tyros4). All prior processed files will get an additional XT4 file. These files provide thus XT-XT4 formats. All later proceesed files will only have XT2-XT4 formats. Same procedure in the future.


Some little changes are made comparing with our normal song structure.
In case a 2nd drum set is needed it is placed on Ch 9. The old Ch 9 content is reorganized to the next free channel.

Sysex, ChordalXG (Vocoder) and Score:

All files receive specific setup data (Sysex etc) e.g. XG and GM resets, system-re-verb, also setups for the internal Vocoder (Preset ChordalXG) and information for the scoring (Score). And also XF chord-symbols are included.


The sounds are optimized 'bottom to top' to ensure, that the 'small' devices will get no problems with the sounds they may don't have.

Megavoices & co:

It is not necessary to use Megavoices & co at all times to be able to say 'this is a Tyros file'. Depending on the original song, there are also 'normal' sound used. So you'll find Megavoices & co as often as they make sense.


Please inform yourselves which files you can use on your device! Please refer to the manual of your device.

Korg PA

As long as Korg PA devices support above functionalities, these are similar implemented.

Currently we offer adaptations for the following devices:

  • Pa3X
  • Pa2Xpro
  • Pa1X
  • Pa900
  • Pa800
  • Pa600
  • Pa500