What do the different Midi formats mean?

The utilization of MIDI data depends on the respective receiver terminal. A song or a sequence that has been produced with a certain device may sound completely different being played on another device. This is the result of the different program order, different order of percussion instruments and different number of voices or simply the sound of additive synthesis.

To gain compatibility between devices of different manufacturers, the standardization process of MIDI contents started in the early nineties.

Sound Formats

We offer to any Midifile, the default format GM, which extensions GS and XG are available for a large part of the Midifiles offered and for evergreens and topsellers, we extend the format range to XF, for the Korg Pa Series and for the most recent three Tyros models.

Please also refer to the information about the product groups.

File Formats

Each Midifile is available in the file format MF-0 and MF-1.

Text Formats

In general, the Midifiles are delivered with both Lyrics-Events and Text documents in ASCII format.