How can I create harmonies (XF chords) and lead sheets myself?

Part 1: Adding chords to the MIDIfile

With the help of a small but useful software called PSRUTI. You can download it for free at Heiko Plate and is a simple way of creating harmonies and lead sheets on your own.

PSRUTI ist originally a software for adapting MIDIfiles for YAMAHA devices. You can download this software here.

After the installation simply open the respective MIDIfile. On the user interface you can find the function Akkrode berechnen (Calculating chords). Here please select a channel that seems to be suitable (e.g guitars, strings etc.). It is important that this track provides you with the chords which will appear after the selection. Please confirm the selection with OK.

The software now writes the chords within the MIDIfile.

ATTENTION: If you don’t own a YAMAHA device which is able to display chords, DO NOT save this file! Otherwise you can save the edited MIDIfile with “Save as…” to avoid changing the original file.

Part 2: Generating the lead sheet

Exiting things will happen after the previous steps if you select Print within the software. You will receive a text file that includes the song text as well as harmonies. The software asks you to save this file. After selecting “Save” the file will open automatically.

A fast and easy way creating harmonies and lead sheets. The file can additionally be edited with the help of a word processing program. But usually the created text file is enough.