Protection of personal data and data security are an important request for GEERDES media e.K. We respect the protection of your personal data. Processes of data security are continuously improved, in order to protect you and your privacy. The following data security guidelines describes, which information are processed/saved during your attendance on our Websites and how these are used.


GEERDES media e.K. assigned domains currently are:

  • *
  • *
  • *

There are other domains which are, however, redirected usually on one of the above.

Data security guidelines

Customer data are stored only during registration trought the customer in our data base. They only serve for contacting and supplying the customer.
If the customer decides to be supplied by one of our foreign dealers (mailorder), the choosen dealer gets the necessary information by E-Mail. In this case, we don't store the customers personal data.

Credit Card, Online Bank Transfer and Online Payment Service

When purchasing by credit card no credit card data are stored at GEERDES. We store transaction numbers we use during the settlement with the aquirer. The credit card details are only stored at

Payment by online bank transfer is similar. We store the transaction number and receive only the minimum of your data in order to ensure safety of the payment.

If you pay via a online payment service it works like with the online bank transfer, but the recipient of your data changes depending on the service.

We will disclose only the information required by the respective aquirers. These data are necessary for legal and safety reasons.


All pages, on which our customers indicate such data, are protected with the momentarily highest SSL coding. Our safety server is provided with a valid SSL certificate.

The users information (exept the credit card information) can be seen by the respective customer using his user name and password. Other visitors do not have an access to these information. The credit card data cannot be seen anywhere in the Web.

Data protection laws

After the Federal Law for Data Protection (Germany) the right exists to get free information over stored data and their use as well as rights to correction, blockage or deletion of data.
After the Telecomunication Law for Data Protection (Germany) it is intended that a collection, processing and use of InterNet usage data can be recalled at any time without indication of any reasons.

Collection, processing and use of data

In order to improve the InterNet appearance of GEERDES midimudic e.K. (check domains section above) constantly, statistic information is held:
Number of visitors of each individual web page, computer and browser type, InterNet Provider, access date and access time as well as data for calculations. These only internally used information does not contain any personal information.

The data security guidelines apply for all above mentiones domains and their sub-domains. The web pages may contain connections to other offerers, to whom these data security guidelines do not refer.

Integration of Internet services such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter & Co.

In order to make our web services even more attractive and user friendly, we include links to selected platforms (eg Facebook, Google+, Twitter) onto the pages of GEERDES media e.K. (*, *, *, * These links are identified by a logo of the provider and a written amendment.

One click for more privacy

We protect your privacy by not using any social plugin of the mentioned platforms, but direct 'post links', which allow a transfer of personal information only through the explicit consent of the user.

How it works

The agreement of the transfer of personal information takes places, if you are not logged in to the platform, at the time of calling the link and the signing in. If you already logged in, then you aggree by calling the link itself.