Product description

MidiText is a program for working with text in MIDIFILES (LYRICS or KARAOKE function). It is possible to modify existing texts, add and delete or insert completely new texts.

You can test the demo version for free. Just download and install. The demo version includes the same features as the full version, with one restiction:

First 100 seconds can be edited within the software and the saved file includes texts only until 100 seconds.



  • Editing of MIDIFILES in formats MF-1 and MF-0
  • Hyphenation (German / English)
  • Syllable assignment
    • Manual syllable assignment (by pressing a button)
    • Automatic assignment syllable (syllables are automatically assigned to the melody)
  • Corrections by
    • Assigning a syllable to several notes
    • Graphical editing of syllables (with the mouse)
    • Editing of errors in the text
  • Verification by built-in MIDI player with lyrics function
  • Comprehensive help integrated in the program

System requirements

Operating Systems:

  • Windows 32bit
  • Windows 64bit is untested (please test it using the demo version before purchase)


  • Sound card with MIDI driver

Purchase MidiText

The full version can be obtained from us for € 49.99.

You get it after payment and transmitting the identifying number of your demo version. The demo version will always show the identification number when starting.

To get the full version, please contact us using our contact form.

You'll get the activation code within one business day after successful payment.

You can pay by PayPal or bank transfer.

Download (demo version) and installation

Download demo version 1.2 MB

Download the demo version and test it to see if you like the program.

Run the downloaded file (MidiText_2_1_004.exe), select the installation path, done. 
Please note that the demo version must be installed on the computer on which the full version will run. The activation code always apply to the current position of the program (position = Logical drive of the computer).