Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

We wish you some wonderful days until the year is over.

To round it off, we have improved some things in the shop. The following is a small list of all changes made:

  • MP3 demos also for Midifiles
    By using MP3 demos, we are able to guarantee the playback of the demos on all end devices in the web browser. The downloadable format demos can still be found on the detail pages of the articles.
  • Longer title names
    No more shortcuts.
  • Revision of the artist data
    By restructuring the database, we are able to offer specific artist pages. A click on the artist's name will take you to it. We can also manage other spellings or aliases.
  • Revision of genre and tag data
    New style search and direct access to a genre or keyword on the detail pages of the articles.
  • Filter for the midi format
    Instead of filtering only certain Midifile groups, you can now specify your preferred format.
  • Genos-Files
    Gradually we add the most important articles in Genos format.
  • Format Lists
    The menu now provides direct access to device/format lists.
  • Test of prices in the playback segment
    We are looking for the best prices for our Playbacks.