Program for removing the LYRIC EVENTS from a MIDIFILE.
To use, if during playing the MIDIFILES problems arise.
e.g.: “Stops with the 1. sung word”
Concerned to: Korg IS-series and older devices; partly also newer Yamaha of devices may have problems with the lyrics.


Installation guide & Download

  • Extract the ZIP file to any location on your hard disk.
  • Copy all MIDIFILES which have to be processed into this location.
  • Open the location and start lyrex.exe.
  • With the first start of the software choose language:
    • Deutsch
    • Englisch
  • In the following dialogue box you can select also another folder containing MIDIFILES to precess.
  • Otherwise: Click on START.
  • The original *.MID files are renamed in *.BAK files.
  • The proccessed are named as *.MID files and are ready for the use.