Vocal Harmony (VH)

Our VH track contains all of a song's full chords in their proper places. This means that the chords will be struck again even after minor changes to avoid almost any possible misinterpretations by the receiver.

This track will usually be saved in channel 16. In the case of a very dense arrangement we may use already existing harmony tracks and fill them with muted notes if necessary.

For our Pro-Midifiles, we use this track to create the correct XF chords. After this is done, the track is deleted from the Pro-Midifiles (it remains intact in the formats GM, GS, and XG).

We also use a system command to switch the internal Yamaha vocalist to chordal mode and its reception mode to „XF chords“. Finally, we switch off the vocalist at the start of the song. With Korg devices you will have to adjust the internal vocalist manually. They are, however, capable of reading XF chords.

It is now up to the user to decide in which parts to use the VH, always knowing that the correct harmonies are available in it.

To activate the VH, you can use the switch on your keyboard or assign the VH's bypass function to an optional footswitch. This enables you to comfortably switch the VH on and off with your foot without taking your hands off of your instrument.

You can also use the Pro-Midifiles XF track to control the style player. Please consult the reference manual of your Yamaha device for further instructions.

Good To Know

  • The VH track in its current shape was intruduced in mid-2013. As a result, all of our new productions and reissues contain this track. In the absence of a VH track, you may also be able to use channel 5 for the vocalist – please refer to our structure guide.
  • The VH track is replaced in ProV-Midifiles on channel 16 by an Arranged Vocalist Track (AVH) in all formats available.
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