A ProV-Midifile is distinguished mainly by the fact that a Arranged Vocalist Track (AVH) is integrated on Channel 16, which contains the vocals harmonies (VH). This is what the "V" means. Otherwise, it corresponds to the sound formats and adaptations of a Pro-Midifile.

The specifications in detail

File formats

Sound formats

  • GM (General Midi – Standard for all devices)
  • GS (Roland™ Standard format)
  • XG (Yamaha™ Standard format)

Adaptations (Sound)

  • Yamaha™ Tyros [No longer supported since 12/2010: Format fallback to XF]
  • Yamaha™ Tyros2 [No longer supported since 12/2013: Format fallback to XF]
  • Yamaha™ Tyros3 [No longer supported since 12/2017: Format fallback to XF]
  • Yamaha™ Tyros4
  • Yamaha™ Tyros5
  • Yamaha™ Genos
  • Korg™ Pa-Series

Adaptations are treated during purchase process like a sound format.

Channel stucture

Ch 2: Bass
Ch 3: A rhythm instument (for example Guitar / Piano)
Ch 4: melody (If original song has human voice it'll be replaced by a suitable intrument)
Ch 5: Second voice / choir / harmony voice
Ch 10: Drums / Percussion
Ch 16: Arranged Vocalist Track (AVH - muted notes)

Unlisted Midi-channels are used as needed. Of course, channels are not or differently used, if the original (the original song) should not require a corresponding assignment.

Good to know

  • XF chords are stored as META Events (VH) in all formats, even if it is not a Yamaha™ format.
  • The channel assignment / Stucture is valid for all formats.
  • ProV-Midifiles are not available for Instumental songs. These may are available as a Pro-Midifile.
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