Product groups

Product groups used for rapid detection of the type and formatting our products.

In case of MIDIfiles it is about the formatting:

  • Items of the group Midifile are MIDIfiles available in GM, GS and XF formats.
  • Items of the group Pro-Midifile are MIDIfiles available in GM, GS, XG and XF, the special formats for the last two TYROS devices and the GENOS device of the YAMAHA company and for KORG PA Series.
  • Items of the group ProV-Midifile are like Pro-Midifile but contain an arranged Vocalist Track on ch 16.

in case of Playbacks it is about the kind of production process:

  • Items of the group Playback are fully synthetic MP3 files.
  • Items of the group Pro-Playback are partially recorded with real instruments.
  • Items of the group ProV-Playback are partially recorded with real instruments and contain real vocal components (second voice, backing vocals or similar).
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