The term playback does not like commonly used, mean the so called Lip Synching.

In case of GEERDES media productions the term Playback stands for instrumental songs without a vocal line in MP3 Format.

Here there is a differentiation between Playbacks, Pro-Playbacks and ProV-Playbacks.

Playbacks are produced based on MIDIfiles and manufactured out of synthetic samples. (For example: VST PlugIns provide virtual instruments that are used for additive synthesis). As a final step the playback is mixed and mastered by hand. The importance by the manual handling is that no macros or automated sequences are used.

The production of a Pro-Playback is different from the normal Playback because the basic MIDIfile possibly is reprogrammed into an upscale playback and in addition to the synthetic sounds contains if needed real instruments (e.g guitars).

ProV-Playbacks have the same fundamental structure as Pro-Playbacks but contain an additional track for backing vocals.

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