Opening chord

The opening chord is programmed to a Midifile, if the songs starts with a vocal prelude or intro or if the singer starts to sing at the same time with the song. Or in other words: whenever the singer has no chance to hear any note from the song before he has to start singing the opening chord is set.

We play the base chord in chnanel 4 at the beginning of the count-in (bar 2) as a piano sound.

If the song begins with a voval intro, you will hear a hi-hat pedal sound on count 2 and 4, or adjusted according to the beat if it is not a 4/4 one.

Some examples:

Vocals start with the song

Vocal prelude (first song note comes direct after the prelude)

Vocal intro (1-x bars) before first song note


  1. We have established this approach during the year 2012. Therefore, it can occur in older files, that there is no chord, even though you would expect him. Each time we update older files, they are brought to our newest programming stnadard.
  2. Since we can't open a new channel for this opening chord for reasons of space, you'll come to the situation that you either hear the chord and the melody or neither. In order to work around that, there are following alternatives:
    • (Un-)mute channel 4 between opening chord and melody manually
    • Delete unwanted notes (very definetely and not reversible)
    • Make use of controller 11 (expression) and surround the area you like to hear or mute
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