The MMC-NET is a sales network. All dealers specified in the dealers list operate a selling and a storage software called COPYSTATION, with which they are able to produce all midifiles & bundles locally on demand. The COPYSTATION is connected several times in the week (to several times daily) with our server and updates its volume of data, replaced revised titles and loads additional files like e.g. text files automatically over the Internet.

That means, that all are these dealers are up to date and are able to offer the same articles as our on-line shop (except MP3-Playbacks). Contrary to the Internet customers have the advantage to hear the complete songs at the dealer's store and maybe in a better sound quality, if they only have a normal sound card with GM modus one their computer at home.

The MMC-NET is supervised by us and other providers. Each provider maintains own COPYSTATIONS.

History of the MMC-NET

The MMC-NET was opened 1995 and was accessible until 2002 by modem and/or by ISDN. It preceded our on-line shop in the Internet. Private customers had  the possibility, by a particularly for the MMC-NET developed terminal program, to order and download files and exchange messages with other GEERDES customers in newsgroups.

Since 1997 the MMC-NET and on-line shop run parallel, whereby our private customers began to use more and more our on-line shop. Today the terminal program for the private customers is no more used, since the last customers have moved from the MMC-NET to the on-line shop at the beginning of 2003.

Finally the modem operation for the MMC NET was stopped in the summer of 2002 and since then the network is used by our dealer's COPYSTATIONS exclusively. Data communication has changed since then to usual http requests (SSL coding). The modems are placed in the glass showcase and remind of the MMC-NET like it was in former times.

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