The specifications outlined here are valid only for the product group Midifile. For other MIDI product groups, see Pro-Midifiles and ProV-Midifiles.

The specifications in detail

File formats

Sound formats

  • GM (General Midi – Standard for all devices)
  • GS (Roland™ Standard format)
  • XG (Yamaha™ Standard format)

Channel stucture

Ch2: Bass
Ch 3: A rhythm instument (for example Guitar / Piano)
Ch 4: melody (If original song has human voice it'll be replaced by a suitable intrument)
Ch 5: Second voice / choir / harmony voice
Ch 10: Drums / Percussion
Ch 16: Vocal Harmony Chords (VH)

Unlisted Midi-channels are used as needed. Of course, channels are not or differently used, if the original (the original song) should not require a corresponding assignment.

Good to know

  • Channel 5 can be used for a vocalist, but is not expressly arranged for it.
  • Channel assignment for channel 16 applies only if the Midifile has generally been produced or revised in after mid / late 2013.
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