Discounted Packs

GEERDES media offers at regular intervals attractive discounted packs. These packs are groupings of MIDIfiles which are also separately available.

Following discounted packs are available:

  • Groupings of 2-5 single titles 'S-Packs'.
  • Groupings of 6-12 single titles 'M-Packs'.
  • Groupings of 13-25 single titles 'L-Packs'.
  • Groupings of 26-40 single titles 'XL-Packs'.

Good to know

  • To be able to receive updates for a single title it is necessary to download the whole package. The free downloads are dependent on the article ID.
  • Titles within a small bundle are often available within the bigger bundles also. So it makes sense to first check the big bundles and then go down to the smaller ones in order to prevent double items.
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