Are there other dealers where I can buy GEERDES Midifiles?

Of course there are. We have worldwide distributors in our distribution network (MMC-NET), who sell our Midifiles over production stations (CopyStations = CS). These dealers are supported by us and our providers. The following address and name information have been made ​​so by our dealers. (more…)

How is the file name format for Midifiles?

Our Midifiles got a cetrain filename when produced. It's format is as follows: [Optional:songtitle]#####[Format identification].mid Wherein ##### corresponds to the 5-digit item number (the part before the .00) and the [Format identification] consists of a chain od labels seperated by dots. In 2015 we added (more…)

How is the structure of GEERDES's Midifiles?

Structure of our Midifiles Bar 1 Bar 2 Bar 3 until end of song Setup (Controller etc...) Count in (+opening chord - if necessary) Proper Song Channel assignment The channel assignment differs a litte on each Midifile product group Midifile Pro-Midifile ProV-Midifile Changes/modifications reserved.

What is a discounted pack?

In our online shop we offer at regular intervals attractive discounted packs. These packs are groupings of MIDIfiles which are also separately available.

What is a MIDIfile?

It is difficult to explain this diverse format with just a few words. In general a MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is a transmission protocol for commanding synthesizers. The commands are for example: “Note on”, “Note off”, Touch, tone pitch, instrument etc. One can say (more…)

What is a text filter?

Text filter are useful for you if you want to search for titles containing text. Titles which do not provide this function are simply left out. In the personal area as a registered customer you are able to set either all MIDIfiles or just MIDIfiles (more…)

What is the right article / group for me?

To select the right format for what you need it is important to check, what you want to do with the selected title. Do you need a format that can be played and edited on a keyboard or another synthesizer? Then you are looking for (more…)