Copyrights / GEMA


Concerning all Midifiles & Playbacks (recordings of Midifiles) the folowing note applies:

All rights of the producer and of the owner of the work reproduced reserved.
Unautorised copying, hiring, lending and broadcasting prohibited.

If not expressly declared, all titles require licence fees to be paid. The fees are paid by us to the GEMA (Society for musical performing and mechanical reproduction rights).
Thereby nothing stands against an unrestricted private use or the final user.

  • If you want to use our titles for public performances as a musician, just announce the songs s usual to your society for musical performing and mechanical reproduction rights. You may use our titles without further inquiries.
  • If you want to use our titles for the production of new products, thus commercially, then contact us for licencing.

Otherwise consider our GTCs.

Pirat copies

If you somewhere find MIDI files in the Internet still for free, then please assume, that this offer is illegal, no GEMA fees are be paid and these are pirat copies. Only if the composer deceased for more than 70 years, the copyright can have expired. A collection of Midifiles on your hp - without purchase proof - can become to be a big problem once a time.

The more virtually the worlds became, the more must grow consciousness for mental property and keeping of the copyrights.