Article updates

Since we have been revising our stock for a few years now, there is certainly also one or other title from your purchases, which is affected. You can easily download them again in the personal area.

Articles for free!

Every item you have ever bought in the online shop as a download, you will find in your personal area and you can re-download it at any time (even in a different format). Of course for free.

Discounted Packs: Save Money!

Save up to 75% in the first 24 h and later up to 50%! All titles of an discounted pack are also available individually. See the effective savings on the details page of an article.

Exchanging lyrics for Midi

It happens from time to time that we cannot identify the lyrics for a Midifile. Therefore we offer you the following deal: You deliver the lyrics and we activate the corresponding Midifile on your customer account.

In which discounted pack I'll find...

As from today on, you'll find a listing of discounted packs on the title detail page, containing the actual displayed Midifile. The title detail page can be accessed by clicking the "i" symbol located in the "actions" column

Long file names can cause problems

Our customers report an issue from time to time that sometimes songs are not visible especially on Yamaha devices after downloading them. This is not an error, but a peculiarity of the device.

Set up file naming

If you want to have readable file names within download archive, just select the appropriate setting during purchase process (at page format selection) or save it in the personal area.