Postal delivery of Midifiles on USB stick

After analyzing the situation since the removal of delivery from Midifiles on floppy disks, we have now integrated the delivery on a USB stick into the normal ordering process.

The last of its kind

So here they are, after 28 years, the last diskettes that we will send to their journey to your home. In large quantities they are no longer available, so we finally say: Goodbye 3.5 inch HD and DD diskette, it was a pleasure.

Euro 2016 Discounts

This tournament is over for the German national team, so there are no further Euro 2016 discounts this year. But the next tournament will come for sure...

Soccer Fever Time!

We have that! And that's why we will organize some discount campains during the main round of the tournament in France. Well, it will depend a bit on the National German Soccer Team, the same way we did it in 2014 on the world cup...

Postal delivery only available until end of 2016

We are a bit sad but the floppy disk accompanied us longer than expected. For a log time we considered whether we want to use USB sticks (or others) as data carriers or not. However, this is not very sustainable...

New product group in January: ProV-Midifiles

As a novelty in 2016, we begin to integrate arranged vocalist tracks into our Midifiles. The arranged vocalist track is integrated in all available Midi formats in channel 16. This also applies for the formats GM, GS and XG.

Merry Christmas and a successful New Year!

The GEERDES team wants to use the time before the Christmas holidays and the end of year to say THANK YOU to you for the successful cooperation this year! We wish you wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!

Maintenance on our server on 09.12.2015

Due to server maintenance the shop is not available on Wednesday 09.12.2015 from about 7:30 AM CET during approximately 2 hours. Please try to do urgent purchases on the time before or after that period. UPDATE 09.12.2015 9:35 - maintenance work completed...

BugFix: Demos of Pro-Midifiles contain stuck notes

It may happen that the demos of Pro-Midifiles contain stuck notes. We will replace the demo files in a timely manner. We can assure that the stuck notes are not included in the purchase versions of the Midifiles. UPDATE 07.12.: Demos are all updated...