Summer-Hits 2018

Summer 2018 has been here for a long time, now there is our current editorial list with the current summer hits. Of course we add new summer hits. At the beginning of next season, we will refill the list.

We pack our bags and move on 18.06.2018

We switch off the office now (15.06.2018 15:30). From 19.06.2018 you will find us in Otawistr. 3 on the left ground floor, 13351 Berlin. Directly at Rehberge underground station. On 18.06.2018 the phones are not occupied.

Reduction in Playbacks prices

From now on new prices apply for the Playbacks: 1,99 EUR for Pro- and ProV-Playbacks and 1,79 EUR for Playbacks. Furthermore, the well-known discount levels now also apply to the playbacks. In order to be able to offer playbacks at these prices, we had to abandon the delivery of the texts.

Custom Genos Files now available

As always, we manually adjust the format extension and don't let our midifiles simply run through a converter. In new adaptations the Genos is present, Tyros5, Tyros4 and the Korg-Pa series are preserved. The Tyros3 has disappeared.

Want some summer in winter?

After Luis Fonsi landed THE summer hit 2017 with Despacito, here comes the next strike. You just have to move, it's getting hot.

Small renovation

The article lists are overhauled. Text formatting is easier to decode, the available formats are directly visible and the midi demos are played directly (as MP3).